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Embedded Services

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Embedded Services

Hibrise Engineering services offers complete embedded solution in several domains such as Wireless PAN, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial automation with the help of technology based on DSP, Microcontroller, FPGA, ASIC, SoC. Complete solution involves design, development, implementation and testing. The rigorous analysis, synthesis, and verification are done to ensure the correctness of the design through the advancement of computational methods and tools. Apart from complete solution we also address the Embedded system issues of enterprises at any stage of product development process.

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       Re-development & re-engineering of existing/old technology,
       Different / New technology adaptation,
       Performance and multiple platform porting service

Fault Analysis

       Lifecycle improvements,
       Defect tracking and fixing,
       Feature optimization

Testing & Validation

       Test plan,
       Test automation,
       Compatibility ,
       Safety critical testing and validation.

Hardware Platforms

       8,16,32 bit microprocessors & controllers from TI,
       FPGA:Xilinx, Altera, Actel

Communication Interfaces


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