Mechanical CAD

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Mechanical CAD

To design a new product, sometimes it was necessary to outsource for a small company or individual inventor to kick start a product cycle from imagination to reality. Hibrise are ready to help you during any stage of the design and development process. We are capable to develop new ideas from scratch or modifying an existing one for a more efficient and cost effective design.
Concept creation from your Thoughts is the prior stage in the New product development process. Thoughts should be related to the application or aesthetic of the proposed product. If you need, Hibrise can make a search of idea with help of customer requirements or input. With the help of well – experienced team , Hibrise can able to make your product design – accurate, cost effective and quick. Our design team are adapt your inputs or thoughts easily and try to make it as a feasible model in all aspects like Tooling, assembling, manufacturing, etc.,

Mechanical Services provided by us,

       CAE Analysis
       3D modeling & 2D drafting
       2D to 3D conversion

CAE Analysis

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Analysis is one of the advanced technology for industries to reduce their project timelines by analyzing of products before it get actually manufactured through simulations. We are capable of doing different analysis like

       Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)
       Multi Body Dynamics(MBD)
       Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
       Modal or vibration analysis
       Fatigue analysis
       Kinematics study
       Crash or impact Analysis
       Optimization of a part or product

3D modeling & 2D drafting

3D Modeling & 2D Drafting is the important things in any designs, especially in Mechanical designs 3D modeling is the expressing the ideas of imagination and 2D drafting is making others to understand those ideas. Hibrise Technologies, will expose your ideas through different CAD software and offers including

       Drawings for Manufacturing
       Maintaining change notes (ECN)
       Geometric Tolerance analysis.
       Critical Parameters Indications

2D to 3D conversions

Most of the industries are started from the world where modeling a product will be just in a drawing as blue prints or sheets. In this cases, Hibrise can help you to develop a 3D models by reading your drawings or blue prints. we provide a wide range of 2D to 3D conversions and vice versa from,

       Blue prints
       Iges or .Igs

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