Power Electronics

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Power Electronics

As the world is stepping up on a higher pedestal of renewable energy and compact drive systems, indeed the requisite for power electronics has stemmed. Power electronics is always seen as a core electrical discipline to combat the rigorous need of the hour, technical expertise in this field is vital. And Hibrise Engineering Services has a strong team of people who have mastered in power electronics and drives.
Power Electronics in rudimentary terms is the process and control of flow of electric power from the source in the form which is optimally suited to the load. The following block diagram is a basic power electronic circuit.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.01.23 AM

It can be understood that the building blocks of power electronics are power processor and controllers.

        Power electronic systems can be broadly classified into two categories
        Static systems which includes DC-DC converters, rectifiers ,inverters etc.
        Dynamic systems consisting of electric motor drives.

Coming from a drives perspective, for any electric motor, giving the right power supply is crucial. Power electronic converters are used to condition the raw supply as per the motor requirements. Apart from power converters, there are also control circuits involved with the motors to obtain the desired output. The electric motor along with power converters and controllers constitutes a drive. A drive system is typically used in industries and automation for the sheer reason that it is a customized package.
Evidently Hibrise engineering services is a front runner in the field of electrical machine design, we are looking to establish a strong foothold in drives. We strive to offer you the entire drive, designed to you specific to your application. The major advantage here is, you need not look for two different parties for the motor and its control. We design the motor drives and we have experience in the control design for induction motors.

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