Research And Development

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Research & Development

Our R&D services are focused on electro mechanical devices with expertise on electromagnetics design, mechanical design, control systems, hardware and software. We create new technology through innovation which would provide competitive advantage to our customers to develop new products, processes and services. We work on high niche area where we have opportunity to develop Intellectual property (IP). Our team led by a technocrat having global experience with US patents, brings innovation and agility to enable a world class technology development in a shorter time.

Current Focus areas

       1. Interior Permanent machine design and controller development for Electrical vehicle application.
       2. VR type Resolver for hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV) and Electrical Vehicle(EV) application.
       3. Electromagnetic launcher.
       4. Semi active suspension system development using MR technology for military vehicle applications.
       5. Linear Switched Reluctance Motor for Elevator applications.
       6. Surface mounted special machine for low speed wet grinder application.
       7. Axial Flux Machine (AFM) design for wheel chair application.
       8. Fly wheel development for energy storage application.
       9. Flux switching machine development for pump and electric vehicle application.
       10.Indirect Field Oriented Controller (IFOC) design for Induction motor used in Electrical Vehicle applications.

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